Originally published at: http://kwontum.blogspot.com/2013/12/hypotheses-part-3.html

The professional desk jockeys among my readers have probably all considered the toll that lifestyle takes on their bodies. Standing desks are growing as a solution to the slouching and inactivity. This often works great, but does introduce fatiguing stress to one’s joints. Others take to sitting on exercise balls. Studies indicate that these ball chairs don’t actually improve posture or provide extra exercise. My personal experience corroborates this. I think I’ve hit on a good compromise, and it’s a pretty old idea.

Just balance something on your head! Find a comfortable position (don’t forget to arch your lower back slightly) then stick something on your head. Now you’re locked in. Turn your head at your own risk.

You can start with something easy like a stuffed animal or a banana. Then maybe a book. Try balancing a bottle of Scotch while wearing a bike helmet. Pretty soon, you’ll be spinning plates on sticks and be straight as a stick, too.

If you’re worried about looking silly, well, you can go back to sitting on a ball.

My hypothesis is that this idea actually works. I welcome data.

Finally, if you tend to work on a laptop, consider where your hands function comfortably and where your natural line of sight is. You’ll find the two are rather distant.